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Veolia Environnement and the CEA sign a strategic cooperation agreement for nuclear facility dismantling and remediation

Veolia Environnement and the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) have today signed a general cooperation agreement covering nuclear facility dismantling and remediation, as well as a specific agreement concerning two facilities: one at the CEA center in Marcoule (France) and the other in the CEA center in Cadarache (France).
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The agreements specify technological cooperation between Veolia Environnement and the CEA, in particular in the area of radiological mapping of the facilities and associated tools. Facility radiological mapping is one of the main technological challenges in dismantling operations. In particular, during the initial condition characterization phase, nuclear measurements and their integration are essential for defining and optimizing the dismantling scenario, as well as for improving worker and environmental protection. The characterization of the final condition is used to demonstrate that a facility's planned final state has been achieved.

Under this cooperation agreement, the CEA's DEN (Nuclear Energy Division) provides its expertise and experience in the areas of remediation and dismantling-illustrated in particular at the end of 2012 by the successful dismantling project for the CEA's Grenoble (France) nuclear facilities-and its research and development expertise in the techniques and tools required to complete these operations under optimum conditions (measurements, robotics, 3D simulation, etc.). Through its dedicated subsidiary Asteralis, Veolia Environnement will contribute its expertise to propose industrial solutions adapted to the complete characterization of the radiological state of the facilities before, during and after dismantling.

The first concrete application of this agreement will see Veolia Environnement and the CEA work together on pilot operations at two CEA DEN sites. The aim is to perform a complete characterization of a laboratory in Cadarache, and at a series of premises at the UP1 plant in Marcoule.

"This cooperation agreement with the CEA is further proof of Veolia Environnement's ability to deliver innovative solutions in response to the world's major environmental challenges facing its partners and clients today. The combination of expertise available in Veolia Environnement in the areas of Water, Environmental Services and Energy means we are now considered a reference company for ensuring the future safety of sensitive facilities, especially nuclear, which has become a major environmental consideration for many countries."

Antoine Frérot
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Environnement

"The agreement with Veolia Environnement is a perfect reflection of the CEA's positioning in the public research landscape, with our strategy ranging from pure fundamental research through to industrial operations. We attach the utmost importance to maintaining research at the highest level and to making innovation available to French companies. The high technology developed and used by the CEA in the past few years for nuclear facility dismantling, such as remote radiological analysis techniques, simulation software or robotics, is designed to serve French industrial concerns interested in contracts in this area of activity."

Bernard Bigot
General Administrator of the CEA

Veolia Environnement

Veolia Environnement (Paris Euronext: VIE and NYSE: VE) is the worldwide reference in environmental services. With more than 330,000 employees, the company has operations all around the world and provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of municipal and industrial customers in four complementary segments: water management, waste management, energy management and passenger transportation. Veolia Environnement recorded revenue of €29.6 billion in 2011*.

*Excluding revenue from Veolia Transdev currently under divestment.

French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

The CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) is a major research and development and innovation organization active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, information and health technologies, large-scale research facilities (TGIR), and defense and global security. In each of these four main areas, the CEA builds on its fundamental research and recognized excellence while also providing support to its industrial partners.

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